Retail Services

We see our retail properties as much more than just a collection of shops.

Here at Krullis Commercial Real Estate we work closely with our owners to improve investment potential for their property and to find the best possible mix and type of tenants for profitable long-term management and sustainability.

Shopping centre owners will quite often need help in just one particular area, be it development, council liaison, management, leasing or marketing. At Krulis Commercial we have the experience and flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to any or all of these potential needs.

Innovation is the name of the game in retail and the complexities of the market demand new solutions to effective management, which is exactly what we provide.

If you have retail properties or a shopping centre that you think is underperforming in it’s current situation then why not give the Krulis Commercial team a call today on +61 2 9389 8100, and let us help you to achieve your property’s full potential.

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